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other side of the world
too far to drive
the good old days are gone
and gas isn’t cheap

wrong side of town
too hot to run
not as young as you were
can’t stand the heat

so run and hide
run and hide
hide or run
run or hide
make a choice
take a stand

seas are gonna subside
water’s gonna run dry
walls are gonna crumble
and you won’t
be able
to drown out their cry

so run and hide
run and hide
hide or run
run or hide
make a choice
take a stand

you won’t be able to drown out their cry…

// {from the other side of the world} //
// {from the wrong side of town} //

…and someday you won’t find…

// a place to hide //


I spent today in solitude. I tried to not let it be inhibited by guilt for skipping church. That was only partially successful. But I read and fasted and thought and prayed and played the violin and read old journals. This is one of the pieces I found. (dated 12.08)

my heart is heavy-laden
with thoughts of you
and the only way i know
to ease the burden
is to pray
pray for you
so i give you up to God
and my spirit is freed
as i’m down on my knees
and my lips form a plea
so when i peel off the scab
of the scar on my heart and find
underneath it
i claim the balm of gilead
for the you-shaped wound on my heart
as i lift you up in prayer


how far can you go
hanging on by a thread
pretending to be attached
until you fall–
in a tunnel
that doesn’t seem to end. ?
how much can you drink
without being full
and being killed by fatal anesthesia
and blaming it on apathy–
in a life
that you wish would end. ?
what if nothing turns out like you’d hoped.
what if sleep steals dreams and light draws tears
and there’s not even security in emptiness. ?
new eyes, new heart, new mind…
are just too much to ask for.
silence and screaming are equally as violent.
so you run away and feign ignorance.

i’m drinking a cup of black,
swallowing emptiness.
unworthy, oblivious, uncomprehending
of light outside it.
the vapor that envelopes me from the dirty glass full of darkness
suffocates, extinguishes, discourages,
turning my soul cold as it washes through my body and mind,
making me numb to the increasingly subtle, increasingly fading
words of Jesus.
but i keep drinking it,
addicted to a fatal anesthesia.